Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Soprano ice is a revolutionary technology in hair removal. Traditionally, hair removal devices apply all of their energy to any given area all at once

Laser hair removal is a procedure done to remove unwanted hair on your body. It’s noninvasive, which means it doesn’t require any cuts or surgeries to your body. People may get this treatment on any part of their body, but the most common areas are: Face Underarms Bikini area, or any areas that grow pubic hair Back Legs Over the course of 4 to 6 treatments, most patients can expect a significant reduction in the appearance of their facial or body hair, with results continuing to improve with additional maintenance treatments over time. Improvement in skin texture is also seen with treatments.

At A Glance


5-30 minutes (depending on treatment areas)


Mild redness, pigment changes, or irritation/discomfort


Excess body hair

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a candidate for hair removal?

Anyone with extra body hair can have laser hair removal. It’s usually a cosmetic procedure. It may improve your appearance or self-image. Many people also prefer not having to shave regularly. Sometimes laser hair removal can treat excess hair growth caused by hirsutism, and hypertrichosis.

How long will the treatment take?

Every hair removal treatment will depend on the areas you want treated, but in general, this is a fast treatment. We can typically treat a small area like the upper lip or the chin in five minutes or less. If you’re having a larger area done, such as the legs or back, it may take up to 30 minutes.

What do I need to do to prep for laser hair removal?

In the weeks leading up to your procedure, avoid tanning beds and stay out of the sun as much as possible. It is recommended to shave the area that will be treated two to three days before a treatment. Laser hair removal treatments won’t work on areas where the hair is longer than a grain of rice. After treatment begins, avoid waxing, tweezing and plucking hair in the treated areas.

Will I need multiple treatments of hair removal?

If you have any fine lines and wrinkles and wish to look younger, dermal fillers will be an excellent choice for you.

Is hair removal safe?

Laser hair removal is usually safe and effective for most people. The treatment has no downtime and you can go back to your activities immediately after treatment. Only an experienced healthcare provider should perform the procedure.

How can I get started with hair removal?

You can get started with dermal fillers right here with us at Garden State Medical Spa! Call us at (number) to book your personalized consultation today!